PuterLinks has developed programs for both fast and slow markets. We can provide you with ideas and techniques that work for both. Just call any of our clients to find out for yourself, or read further to try it out first hand.
Why should I place my listings on Virtual Tour?
Your listings could sell within days!
In a fast market, properties are going to sell regardless of whether they have a Virtual Tour or not.
So why showcase your property with a Virtual Tour? Exposure, Marketing, Listing Presentation tool, Reputation, and Cutting Edge are all things that agents must keep in mind even in a fast market.
The most important reason for showcasing your property with a Virtual Tour is remembering that today's fast paced market isn't going to last forever. What is the first thing that a seller will look for in an agent when the market is slow? Exposure!The seller wants to see what kind of diverse advertising the agent is going to offer. The Internet offers the most exposure of any kind of advertising in today's market.
Here is a program that we've developed to promote agents in a fast market. Properties are going to sell whether they are on Virtual Tour or not, so we have changed our focus to helping you increase your number of listings, and train you on how to promote yourself during listing presentations.
  • Be sure to show your Virtual Tours on listing presentations, either by using your laptop or leaving the seller one of your sample tours on disk.
  • Let everyone know this is the way you market your listings.
  • Be sure to let people know that your Virtual Tours can be viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week via  your personal Website, and your company Website. This is very important.
  •  Let them know that you are giving them maximum exposure.
  • Door knock and hand out your sample Virtual Tour.
  • Drop off your sample Virtual Tour to any Seller whose listing has expired. This really works.
  • Pass out your Virtual Tours at your Open Houses. This is a huge selling tool.
  • Be sure to hand out Virtual Tour advertisements. Let people know that you offer Virtual Tours, and that this is the exposure that will get their property sold.
  • Be sure to let family and friends know how you market your listings. Word of mouth is some of the best publicity that you can receive.
  • Be sure to advertise yourself as a leader in technology, exposure, and marketing of homes.
  • And most importantly, this is a great way to justify your commissions.

  • Remember, Virtual Tours can be sent via e-mail and also placed on a cd to be mailed directly to your customers.
    My listing isn't selling. How do I increase the exposure for my listing?
    It's simple, showcase the property with a Virtual Tour.
    Our Virtual Tours can be linked to Websites on Realtor.com and many others. We can link your Virtual Tours to your company Website, and even your personal Website.

    Using these avenues of exposure in conjunction with your existing advertising will help increase the awareness of your Virtual Tours. If you run advertisements in newspapers and real estate magazines, be sure to note that the home can be viewed on Virtual Tour at the designated Website. Using these techniques in conjunction with the concepts used in faster markets above will help establish you as a premiere agent in marketing and technology, and offer your listing the exposure it needs.